Every penny helps when trying to host and maintain a server whilst also providing new and interesting plugins to make your rust life better so any donations are greatly appreciated.

Bronze VIP - £5 Lifetime [VIP] title and Bronze name 

  • /remove – This is a command to “fix building errors”, it removes the structure/item you are looking at it will cost resources when you remove structures and workbenches. The cost to remove is shown on top left of screen ie. Metal wall costs 2000 metal fragments. The resource cost is there to help prevent abuse. (DO NOT use this command to seal/hide loot). 
  • Enhanced Hammer – You don’t need to type any command. It automatically works when you upgrade any structure to the resource you wish, and afterwards, you just click “Mouse1” on a  structure and it will automatically upgrade to the same resource you previously upgraded with. Ie. Right click twig upgrade to metal, then every wall/floor etc you left click after will upgrade to metal. 

Silver  VIP - £10 Lifetime includes all Bronze perks+ [VIP] title and Silver name 

  • Auto Auth – Automatically authorises you on tool cupboards and turrets you place. 
  • Auto Doors – This ability closes doors automatically behind you when you go through them. Type /ad to disable or /ad # to set the timer. Ie /ad 5 will close doors after 5 seconds. 
  • Sign Artist – Allows you to place images on signs. /sil [url] will post image to sign. /silt [text] will post text to sign.

Gold VIP - £15 Lifetime includes all Bronze & Silver perks+ A ONE HOUR TRIAL IS ALSO NOW AVAILABLE! 

  • Storage Sorter – Allows adding of sorter to each storage in your TC range. Can configure which items go to which storage ie, ore to furnaces, uncooked meat to bbq etc. Simply open one box once configured and choose ALL. This will put all items in all containers. 
  • Skins – Works when you type /skin shop, here you can select the skins you wish. Clicking the default button will make it so future crafting of this item will use this skin. Hightlight an item on your hotbar and type /skin to reskin an item. 
  • /bgrade (1,2,3,4) – This command is used to automatically upgrade any structure you place with your building to the resource you wish. – 1= wood , 2= Stone , 3= metal , 4= HQM.(edited)